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Gain exposure, establish thought leadership, and expand your reach with the HealthTech Growth podcast— this ground-breaking podcast specifically targeting the intersection of technology and healthcare. This is where your target market lives.


The HealthTech Growth podcast gives healthtech founders, leaders, and experts the opportunity to expand their company's reach and speak directly to an engaged target audience. bypassing gatekeepers.


This unique podcast directly targets your specific market. Speaking on the HealthTech Growth podcast can give you the marketing boost you need and is the exposure opportunity you’ve been waiting for.


Instead of struggling to be heard through direct sales and paid advertising, or using unscalable networking methods, speaking on the HealthTech Growth podcast positions you directly in front of the engaged professionals and decision-makers who matter most to your business.

Gain exposure, establish thought leadership, and expand your reach with the HealthTech Growth podcast—a ground-breaking podcast specifically targeting the intersection of technology and healthcare. This is where your target market lives.

Here are just some of the engaging HealthTech Growth podcast topics you can expect to hear

Master Your Energy, Master Your Success in Healthcare Techology

Going from a healthtech founder to a healthtech legend takes more than just determination—it requires making calculated decisions at the right time. When you focus your power on the right goals at the right times, you start making the positive impact you crave without paying the high physical and mental price that plagues so many founders. You'll gain the same success and recognition as the greats that came before you.

Hive Minds: Tapping Into Collective Expertise in HealthTech

Transforming your healthtech vision into reality requires more than just passion and grit. To reach your full impact potential, it’s essential to welcome guidance and surround yourself with experts. Having the right advisors, those who truly understand your goals and challenges, can lift you to the next level and ignite your business growth.

How One Visionary Breaking Barriers: A Health Tech Leader's Rise

This is an incredible story about a physician turned entrepreneur who found herself frustrated, burned out, and struggling—but didn’t quit. Dr. Olivia Mitchell, an accomplished, 38-year-old ER physician, used expert advice and guidance to transform into an influential and visionary healthtech leader.

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Over time, this leads to stagnation and burn out. Working hard every day, day in and day out, without being heard by the professionals and decision-makers who could drastically change your life can be disheartening and overwhelming.

But you can break through and reach your audience and accomplish your goals. By using a platform, like HealthTech Growth, already targeted to your specific audiences, and connecting with other innovators and industry leaders through shared insights and discussions, you can break through the noise.

Not only will you put yourself in front of your target market, but you’ll position yourself as a thought leader, influencer, and trusted expert as well. This is the opportunity that podcasting provides. And this is where the HealthTech Growth podcast excels.

Appearing on the HealthTech Growth podcast provides a very healthy return on investment compared to paid advertising or direct sales. You invest your time and your charisma, not finances.

A podcast is an evergreen resource that provides a significantly more targeted audience than local or national press. It gives your voice and your ideas a much wider audience than networking. It offers you the opportunity to position yourself at the forefront of your industry, giving your business the targeted boost it needs.

You can share your healthcare journey, explain your challenges and how you overcame them, and spotlight your ideas and experience. The HealthTech Growth podcast is a critical tool for thought leaders in the healthtech space to amplify their reach and overcome growth stagnation.

You’re a great fit for the podcast if you:

Operate a technology company in the healthcare space, are experiencing good momentum, with gross $2M or more annually or raised $5M+ in funding.

Consider your digital health, femtech, insurtech, telemedicine, healthIT, bioinformatics, healthcare AI, or wearable company a purposeful and mission-driven entity that serves your community.

Are a high-authority technological innovator, founder, or executive in the healthcare industry.

Offer higher-value services or products to patients, caregivers, or clinicians and continue to adopt improvement initiatives.

Are looking to build authority and connections with other healthcare leaders.

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